"I can Explain it to you but i can't understand it for you"

The Top Pick for today is “I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you.”  I think this is my favorite statement so far. For many people, not just Americans, it is the embodiment of Melanin and what it means to be Melanated.  Currently, in the U.S. we have residual and refreshed racism that is spread like the mayo it is.  Even those would be allies seem to fall short where there should be great intersectionality.  Enter the statement.  I can explain systemic racism.  I can explain an unjust system.  I can explain “Black on Black Crime”.  I can explain quite a few things, but even in light of these and quite a few other things being spelled out or even in some cases caught on video the explanation isn’t enough.  DL Hughley put it a very poignant way on his show, whilst talking about the newly released Sandra Bland footage.  He asks how is it that we are literally looking at the same thing and see it so vastly different?  He questions America’s valuation of Black lives.  He puts on display as only he does, the blatant disregard for life.  It is because there are differences in our ideologies concerning justice, peace, equality, equity, and freedom…. where there shouldn’t be.  So from now on besides being described as a POC or person of color, we can add Courage, Conscious, and Character.  More coming soon.  Thanks for reading.



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