AS ADOS, Pan Africans, Africans in America or African Americans, is it plausible to say that a significant part of our history and culture can be symbolized by the Red Black and Green?  Even in the light of the 1619 movement and some of the statements made in various publications, I can't help but gravitate towards these colors. They have come to represent hope I haven't had in the red white and blue for some time. As such it seems that grass may be greener.  That is not to say I'll be an expat any time soon but rather I look forward to the UNITY that it can bring.  It feels like a good focal point, rather an unconquerable symbol that allows all of the various movements that are taking shape to coalesce.  For all of the disagreements that we have as a people, this shouldn't be one of them.  Just ask Garvey. Stay black be easy.

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