Woke Woman Extraordinaire

Woke - alert to injustice in society, especially racism:

Woman - an adult human female

Extraordinaire - outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity:


How can Black Women be both the First line of defense and the last bastion of hope?  In what school are they taught to make something from nothing?  Where does the supernatural strength come from that will defy all odds to not only provide but provide well for their families? How can they be the least protected but most influential?  The old saying goes behind every great man there is a great woman. The newer saying says that beside every great man is a great woman. The truth is that there are at least two that have contributed to the success of any great man I dare you to find one where that's not the case.  I will always be less without my woman with me, and I wouldn't be anything without the one that gave me life and nurtured me.  Send a shout out to any W.W.E.'s you know and get this shirt.  



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